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Keep you or your loved one safe with superior Bathroom Safety Products. Simply Incontinence Care carries a complete selection of Bathroom Safety Products, including Drive Medical equipment, bathroom rails and shower chairs, commodes, hand-held shower sprayers, and more. Feel free to browse our complete inventory online, or give us a call for guidance in your selection today!  855-408-4769


Bathroom Safety Tips

Almost 80% of in-home falls occur in the bathroom and more than 200,000 seniors are treated in emergency rooms every year for bathroom-related injuries, according to the CDC.

As bathrooms are often small, tight spaces, it is sometimes difficult to navigate safely for those with limited mobility. Bathroom safety aids and equipment can help one safely use the bathroom, shower, or tub. Simply Incontinence Care recommends equipping your loved one with necessary aids to stay safe. If your loved one has mobility issues, consider investing in a transfer bench with adjustable legs or a tub bench.  Using a bedside commode over a toilet can assist a person in getting to a standing position with ease and grace.  The bedside commode allows you to hold on to arms, and provides the needed elevation for individuals that have difficulty getting on/off the toilet.  The height can be adjusted.

We also recommend keeping portable lights on at all times in the bathroom for nighttime trips and keeping the bathroom clean of spills and other obstacles that may cause a fall or injury. 

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