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Incontinence Questions & Answers

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If you have questions regarding you or your family member's incontinence needs, let us know. With a trusted, knowledgeable staff trained on our superior incontinence products, we're happy to assist you with products to give an easier and more independent lifestyle. 


What Should I Consider when Choosing
Incontinence Products?

There are a number of factors you should take into consideration when purchasing disposable underwear or briefs, including fit, comfort, quality, absorbency, and price.


How Do I Choose the Correct Size?

Finding the right size and fit is crucial. Utilizing brand sizing charts is a great way to make sure you're choosing the correct-fitting garment.

Each brand has grids and sizing charts. Sizing charts utilize height, weight, and/or patient measurements of the hips/waist to determine product sizing.  If the sizing chart utilizes the hips/waist, sizing is based on the longest measurement, either the waist or the hip measurement.


What About Comfort and Absorbency?

Comfort is about both fit and softness. Disposable underwear or briefs that pull, pinch, ride up, tear, or generally make your life unhappy should be replaced. Underwear should be comfortable and personalized to fit your proportion.

Quality and absorbency go hand-in-hand. The perfect product absorbs fluids while pulling the fluids away from the skin, also known as wicking, leaving the skin feeling dry. Using products that promote wicking of the fluids and holding the fluids in the core of the garment help maintain healthy skin integrity.

Several brands specifically state the amount of fluids absorbed in their products. Depending on individual needs, products range from light to heavy incontinence.


Should Cost be a Factor in my Decision?

Price does play a role in finding the right incontinence product. Finding the cheapest brand doesn't necessarily mean that you're saving money overall.

Changing underwear or briefs multiple times throughout a day can be costly. A good product lasts longer with greater absorbency.  A product that lasts 3 to 5 hours during the day will cut back on the expense of multiple changes.  Products lasting 6 to 8 hours at night can provide a good night's sleep as the need for getting out of bed or feeling "wet" is gone. Long-lasting products will also allow for continued socialization when you're out-and-about, minimizing embarrassment and the need to change multiple times throughout the day.


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