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Costly Mistakes, Saving Your Money

Posted by Carolyn Dickinson R.N. on 9/12/2018
Simply Incontinence Care receives calls from our valued customers daily.  Caregivers or family members are doubling up on briefs, underwear, pads or other incontinence products during the night to eliminate waking someone up or wanting to preserve the bed from leakage. 

Doubling up on products can be very costly. and can compromise the skin.  Rather than buying the most economical product and doubling them up, consider buying a better quality product which results in fewer changes.  Overnight products or Extended Use products can save you time and money and keep your loved one's skin intact.  Adding a booster pad or liner can also extend the life of the brief or underwear. Overnight or extended wear products last 6-9 hours and will provide comfort and long-lasting support while the person sleeps feeling dry. Suggestive Products:  Tranquility Overnight and Day time Underwear, Attends Discreet Underwear, Prevail for Women Overnight, TENA Overnight

Healing and Wellness

Posted by Information Provided by Tranquility Products on 9/8/2018

Quality of life includes a sense of happiness and peace of mind that stems from daily activities of wholesome living and caring.

Because Tranquility products provide exceptional capacity and comfort. Needless wasteful changes are eliminated and product users can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and normal socialization. These are important factors of healing and wellness. In most cases, up to 6-8 hours of protection is provided before a change is needed. Caregivers and family members notice that when product users sleep better (especially dementia and behaviorally challenged people), anxiety, irritation, and agitation are virtually eliminated. Tranquility products' superior performance ends embarrassment and social isolation while creating a more inviting atmosphere for family and friends.